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Community Clix has been created to address a clear community need:

"To provide small businesses, community clubs, and organisations with limited resources access to digital expertise, and to connect their communities digitally."

Recognising the financial constraints many groups face, as well as the digital skill gap to create and maintain a professional website, social media presence and communications, is understood.  It's why working with you is so important in this technology age. 


How is it done? Simply by working smarter. Keeping things light on by leveraging low-cost and user-friendly 'drag & drop' tooling, with AI to speed things along and get you up and running quickly! Community Clix is happy to do the work for you, or even partner with you until you get the hang of it.

Need help? A simple hello can change everything.

Get in touch!
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Service options

Website creation

Content creation


Logos & Branding

Social media flyers

Induction packs

Communications (Voice of Club/Org)

Social media partnership

Example partnerships

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